The design idea of the landslide and collapse monitoring system in China2

1, monitoring system should not only have advanced, but also have good practicability and maneuverability, has good scalability, while also taking into account the investment economy.

2, monitoring system to give full consideration to the engineering characteristics of the practical, reasonable set up to monitor the related projects, scientific layout of monitoring sections and sites, both to ensure that the monitoring points of the representative, but also embody the particularity, the system can efficiently and accurately reflect the running state of the landslide.

Contents and methods of landslide and landslide monitoring

1, induced by geological disaster monitoring method should be according to the geological disaster in place of the visibility conditions, climatic conditions, terrain conditions caused by, adjust measures to local conditions to make a choice. Monitoring content should be according to the different deformation and failure modes and disaster related factors, highlighting the focus of monitoring, according to the main characteristics of deformation and failure is determined.

2, the content of the disaster geological body monitoring should be in accordance with the following provisions:

A, landslide monitoring main content for the surface deformation monitoring, crack monitoring, ground tilt monitoring, building deformation monitoring, sliding surface displacement monitoring, underground water level, water quantity, water quality monitoring, when necessary can be hydrology, rainfall monitoring;

B, dangerous rock monitoring main contents for crack of horizontal displacement, vertical displacement and deformation direction, deformation and crack water dynamic change;

C, debris flow monitoring and main contents for debris flow in the process of flow velocity, flow rate, the top surface elevation, mud, of viscous debris flow monitoring Shang Yingyou mud crack monitoring, when necessary can be hydrology, rainfall monitoring;

D, bank collapse monitoring main contents for bank collapse height, width, and length, displacement variation of rock and soil, surface water and groundwater content, velocity of flow, water level and water quality changes.

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