Hi-target Strengthened Cooperation Channels

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Recently, the Agent Meeting of Hi-target’s Surveying Instrument Company Ltd. was held in Guangzhou. More than 200 nationwide dealer of Hi-target were attending this meeting. Liao Dinghai, President of Hi-target, vice president Li Zhongqiu also presented in the meeting.


Mr. Liao Dinghai, president of Hi-target delivered a speech in the meeting


As one of the entrepreneur, President Liao Dinghai shared his own experience in the hard pioneering days in Hi-target. Throughout 10 years of working experience and technology innovation, Hi-target has successfully come to the board in February of this year. President Liao said Hi-target would positively and stably develop its business according to the development strategy made in the earlier yeas.



Mr.Li Zhongqiu, vice president of Hi-target delivered a speech in the meeting


Vice President Li Zhongqiu said Hi-target will change the traditional cooperation mode this year, build a compliance marketing mechanism and vigorously regulate the marketing operation behaviors of the agencies and direct departments. Moreover, Hi-target will positively put new business and products to the market, which can enrich the channel ‘s products’ line.


Hi-target General manager Li Hongjiang described the channel policies of surveying and marine products in detail. “In order to associate and support agencies and guarantee the rights of agencies, Hi-target will build a professional channel team which is managed by the head office. Furthermore, Hi-target will also divide the channels into agencies and dealers and regulate the Market Price System.” He said.


Vice president Zhu Kongjun, vice manager of Hi-target Positioning Company Luo Shujiang illustrated GIS products and System Engineering Business. As one of the most important parts in Hi-target’s four core business, GIS products and System Engineering business will also become the main growth point of Hi-target market in the future years. And they are also one of the target Hi-target to put key investment and expand market business.