Hi-target Won The Bidding on Rivers Hydrology Monitoring System

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Recently, Hi-target has bid on the construction of Medium and Small Rivers Hydrology Monitoring System in Tianjing Province, China. With the advantage of advanced technology, Hi-target has successfully bid on the project of Rivers Hydrology Monitoring System in Henan, Hebei and Jilin province at the end of 2011, all of which have become Hi-target’s main suppliers.


In these years, Hi-target has accumulated mature technologies and experience in marine products and also strengthened the power of research and development of marine products. Hi-target has upgraded the single beam depth-measuring instruments and developed the fourth generation echo souder through hard work and efforts, which will strongly enhance the performance of the existing products. Furthermore, Hi-target has already seized the market opportunities and strengthened the cooperation with foreign brands. For example, Hi-target has agent Denmark’s Reson multi-beam products and the United States RTI ADCP products.


In the year of 2012, Hi-target will launched a series new products and positively build the integrated ship information platform to expand the field of navigation and monitoring.