Hi-Target’s Stunning Appearance on GEO III Plenary

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The 13th. GEO III Plenary Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia will be on from 9th to 11th November. It is estimated that 45 member countries and 350 representatives from 37 organizations will join the big occasion, and Hi-Target, as an invited member of Chinese national representative group, has attended the exhibition of earth observation technology achievements.


Hi-Target China geo exhibition


On the China Evening at China • GEO exhibition stand, Li Pengde, Vice President of Chinese National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, gave a welcome speech. After that, among the four exclusive invited companies, Hi-Target Vice Present, Mr. David Hu and General Manager of International Business Dept., Mrs. Jenny Xu made an introduction about Hi-Target and its business status in global surveying industry, which symbolizes Hi-Target’s actions on international stage have reached a next level.


Hi-Target China geo exhibition


Hi-Target China geo exhibition


What Hi-Target has brought to the stand were definitely impressive: air-type full wave antenna installed in V90 Plus and high-precision GNSS board have demonstrated Hi-Target's strong and independent R&D ability to produce high-tech surveying instruments and accessories.


Hi-Target geo gnss exhibition St. Petersburg, Russia


Hi-Target 13th. GEO III Plenary Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia


On GEO III Plenary, one of the central topics is concerned with the 10-year executive plan of how surveying companies participating in the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). And now, Hi-Target has taken the first step by seizing this great opportunity on this internationally significant platform to seek cooperation around the globe. Hi-Target plays an important role in the next GEO 10-year plan? Certainly it will.  


Hi-Target geo Plenary Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia