Join Hi-Target at INTERGEO 2018 – Let’s Achieve Mutual Success !

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INTERGEO 2018, the world’s largest trade fair in the field of geodesy, spatial data and land management, will take place on 16-18 October in Frankfurt, Germany. “INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS” and “SMART CITY SOLUTIONS”, which will be presented on their own theme platforms with exhibition space and interactive forums, are the integrated topics of this year.
Exhibition Information  :
Related Topics
Related Topics
Live Demonstrations



Hall 6.1
1. Discussions, impetus and ideas for urban planners, architects and technology companies                                                                   
2. Presentations of pioneering concepts from around the world and all kinds of fields



Hall 7.1a
Best Practices in Commercial Drone Use
Panel Discussions
As always, Hi-Target International Group Limited will present at INTERGEO 2018 with excellent products and cutting-edge technology. Hi-Target will share application cases on “INTERAERIAL SOLUTIONS” and the full range of solutions will also be on display, such as Survey & Mapping, GIS, Lidar and Laser Scanning, Unmanned Ariel Vehicle and Solutions, Hydrographic and Oceanology.
Various live demos of the latest and cutting-edge products and technologies will be shared and experts from Hi-Target team will provide you with solutions.
Live Demo Guidelines
Tuesday, 16th Oct. 2018
1. SATLAB UAV mapping solutions
2. Supergeo Mobile GIS solution 1
3. Hi-Target UAV mapping solution
4. Archikart GIS solution introduction
Wednesday, 17th Oct. 2018
1. SATLAB mobile mapping solution
2. Hi-Target swift hydrographic survey solution
3. Supergeo Mobile GIS solution 2
4. SATLAB multi-purpose GNSS receiver
Details of live demos at INTERGEO will be updated on Hi-Target Facebook and twitter, please follow us to learn more!
Join Hi-Target at INTERGEO 2018 – Let’s Achieve Mutual Success !
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