2018 Worldwide Distributor Conference—Achieve Mutual Success

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2018 Worldwide Distributor Conference of Hi-Target International Group Limited was held in Frankfurt, Germany on Oct 15th, 2018.
This annual party, focusing on new product pre-announcements and updates marketing “tips and tricks”, is a valuable opportunity for both Hi-Target and our distributors to review the past year and look forward to the following year.
Different from the years before, our distributors changed the roles of audience and listeners — they became the center of conference at 2018 WDC. They stood out and shared their experiences this time. For example, KOSECO Ltd. from Korea shared their experience in tenders operating and project management; Geovara Ltd. from Bulgaria shared their successful cases of local promotion. Most of them thought highly of the conference and said that they had learnt a lot from it.
The conference was followed by a wonderful luncheon, at which we had many interesting talks and enhanced our friendship.
In the past year, we have devoted to globalizing the brand and helping our partners be competitive and profitable. In the following years, we will, as always, provide professional solutions, superior services, as well as keep on creating and diversifying the business lines.
We believe that by joining hands we can achieve mutual success.
Let’s Achieve Mutual Success!