Hi-Target International Established a Strategic Partnership Alliance with Geo-Plus

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Hong Kong, 25 February 2019
Hi-Target International, a leading surveying equipment manufacturer and solutions provider, has partnered with Geo-Plus, an internationally renowned software company in AEC (Architecture, engineering, and construction).
Through this partnership, Hi-Target International and Geo-Plus aim to jointly develop and promote laser technology, including airborne LiDAR, MMS and TLS, to provide a wider range of software and solutions for our professional users from the office to the field.
This strategic collaboration fully combines the industry experiences and advanced technology, to provide users with a more powerful and reliable laser scanning and point cloud application solutions.
"We are excited about this partnership as it would provide our professional users with the best software solutions in the AEC and BIM vertical markets. Our technical engineers would also enhance the user interface and experience by simplifying the workflow to increase productivity,” says J.W. Chen, President of Hi-Target International.
"Being the leader in the Lidar technology, we constantly offer the best solution to our worldwide clients. Our Research and Development department focuses on innovative products to meet our customer requirements”.
Geo-Plus philosophy is to be as close as possible to its customers, therefore it is important to select its Strategic Partner. Geo-Plus is very proud to start cooperation with a very professional and well-established company--Hi-Target International. This partnership will allow Geo-Plus to respond to the growing demand in the eastern part of the world and bringing innovative technology and comprehensive Lidar solution to a greater reach of the customer base, says Wilfrid Beaupre, CEO of Geo-Plus.
About Hi-Target International
Hi-Target International Group Ltd. acts as the holding company for all investment, merger & acquisition in both branding and technology to ensure the Corporate vision of providing the best available solutions in the area of Geospatial Information Technology.
It is our Corporate Goal and Vision to provide the best available complete solution to enhance our user interface and experience through our Research & Development investment as well as global partnership alliances to bring to our client the solutions to enhance their productivity in the field.  
Hi-Target International will continue to develop products and technologies to meet the ever- increasing demands of the Geospatial arena and you can count on us to be the best in our field with solutions such as Survey & Mapping, GIS, Lidar and Laser Scanning, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Solutions, Machine Control, Precision Agriculture, Hydrographic and Oceanology.
About Geo-Plus
Geo-Plus is internationally renowned in the software technology field of AEC (architecture, engineering, construction). Our products and services have been used by thousands of clients worldwide since the foundation of the company in 1987.
Our Vision suite includes more than 16 3D measurements, 3D structure, geometry, cadastre, and document management software related to the territories. Most of our software is fully integrated with AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft®, and Bricscad® platforms. Our line of solutions is consistently at the cutting edge of CAD/GIS technology.
Our success is mainly due to the innovation of our products as well as the promptness and efficiency of our technical assistance service.
In conclusion, whatever the management industry of the territory in which you are, there is always a Geo-Plus solution to make your life easier and increase your productivity.
For more information, please visit https://www.geo-plus.com/