Hi-Target at 2015 InterGeo, join us and have party together

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Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co.,Ltd as the leading high-precision geographic information equipment and solutions provider in China, will attend 2015 InterGEO from September 15th-17th in Stuttgart ,Germany. This is the biggest conference and stage in the world for surveying and mapping, geographic information, land management technology and application showing-up and communication.


Hi-Target will take this chance to launch series of new products and offer customers various industrial solutions in Land Surveying, Laser scanning, precision agriculture, marine application etc.


V90 Plus GNSS RTK System

●Small and lightweight


●Support tilt survey and electronic bubble calibration

●WIFI, NFC, and optional transceiver UHF radio

●IP67 dustproof and waterproof


HS 450 High-precision 3D Laser Scanner

●High precision:1cm@100m

●High frequency: Maximum measuring frequency up to 300000 point/second

●Full-autonomous: Complete intellectual property rights and upgrade guaranteed

●Easily-extensible: Accessible with external GPS, camera

●Fully-automatic: Intelligent automatic stitching with no target

●Full-process: Self-developed software


Hi-Target Precision Agriculture System

●24-hour continuous operation

●Available for plowing, seeding, spraying, harvesting and other farming operations

●High precision

●Simple to learn and operate

●Reliable performance


Let us have party and join in Hall 8. B8.041, the FREE presentations and rich industrial ideas will be there for you !


HS 450 High-Precision 3D Laser Scanner                                                             
V90 Plus GNSS RTK System                                                         
Hi-Target Precision Agriculture Application