User Conference of Hi-Target Solutions 2015 Held in Ho Chi Minh City on July 10th, 2015

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With more than 3 years marketing development in Viet Nam, Hi-Target has already become a high competitive brand in local mapping and surveying field with its advanced products line and diversified industry solutions. To introduce state of the art surveying technology and specific application solution in Viet Nam market, the user conference of Hi-Target Solutions 2015 was held in Ho Chi Minh City on July 10th, 2015.


More than 60 participants from governments, universities and private companies have attended the conference.Mr. Long, CEO of DAT HOP COMPANY, the distributor of Hi-Target firstly gave welcome address to all audiences. Mr. Brian Li, sales from Hi-Target, was invited to introduce about the Hi-Target company and its latest product layout major in Surveying, BDS CORS application also Marine industry.




The tilt survey and NFC technology of RTK introduction and demonstration drove the conference into excitement. Mr. Adin Lee, technical supervisor of Hi-Target introduced that: “Tilt survey technology and NFC are new innovation, which are applied to Hi-Target V90 Plus RTK receiver. The instant connection between receiver and controller by NFC makes the work time more efficient and tilt survey is a very good help for data collection and stake out when surveyors working under the eaves.”




The conference brought all attendees an idea about the future surveying development in Viet Nam, from static ,then RTK to CORS, more and more people started to break the traditional survey way to experience the new technology with comprehensive solutions which really suitable for the market. Hi-Target as one of the professional high-precision geographic instrument and solution provider worldwide sure will continue digging into market and support our distributors to service the customers, and also the markets well.