Hi-target Sparkle in Geographic Information Equipment Exhibition

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Hi-target's Booth


Models demonstrated Hi-target's products


2011 China First Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Equipment Exhibition was held in October 15th in Fozhou Province. Many participants attended this exhibition and there were lots of famous companies such as Leica, Esri and Trimble also exhibited.


As one of the famous exhibitors in China, Hi-target attended this exhibition. At Hi-target's booth, many products like Surveying products of V Series, F Series and A Series, Total Station, Marine and System Engineering Products could be seen. Through models demonstrating products on the stage, Hi-target also exhibited a brand new product——iRTK and Qcool.Series, which attracted many professional visitors coming to Hi-target's booth to experience products' operation.


During the exhibition, visitors showed great interest in our products, asked some information and color pages about the new products and expressed their willing to cooperate with Hi-target.