Hi-Target Europe Product Launch Meeting Successfully Held in Czech

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After delicate preparation work for months, the Hi-Target Europe Product Launch Meeting was held on 11thJuly in its newly-built maintenance center in Jicin, Czech Republic. Cooperative partners from different European countries were invited to participate in this great event. The number of present clients reached 18, which demonstrated the extensive attention and support received from the clients.


Before starting, a group photo of meeting participants was taken under the big tree beside the maintenance center, which symbolizes Hi-Target’s dream of rooting in Europe, exploiting the European market, and becoming a strong and competitive supplier in the industry.



Then the meeting began inrelaxing but professional atmosphere. As the first significant figure to speak, Hi-Target Vice President Hu Wei gave an opening speech for the audience, declaring Hi-Target’s determination of reaching out to the world.



In the next part, Product Manager Stefan Wei and his Czech colleaguePetr were introducing the new product GIS for the clients.Petr Ittner, as the first international employee of Hi-Target, received his Service Training Certificateauthorized by Vice President Xu Feng.During the meeting, the clients were paying full attention to the introduction about the new product GIS by S.Wei.





After the introduction, General Manager of International Marketing Department Jenny Xu had an in-depth discussion with the clients during the meeting, whileSales Manager Kelly Liang exchanged opinions about the new products with her client.




With the presentation going forward, product manager Stefan Wei, Petr and other Hi-Target technicians gave an outdoor demonstration of GIS products, including Qpad X5, V90 Plus, V100, etc., which won the applause and positive feedback from the clients.The clients thus manifested high interest in trying to feel and to use these new launched products.




Lastly, the morning ended with a typical Czech luncheon organized in a dining hall full of local flavor, where the present clients made their self-introductions one by one.



In the afternoon session, the Turkish client Murat Kendir shared his successful experiences during his speech time, after which anhonor certificate for speech was conferred on him. Next came arepresentative of Hi-Target’s cooperative partner Supergeo, giving a detailed explanation of the mechanism and functions GIS software.





The final session was full of warmth and passion: this was where the east and west culture embraced each other. A paper-cut handicraft of Chinese character “Fu” (meaning good luck and happiness) was given to the clients as a present, showing the best care and wishes from Hi-Target for its clients. In the end, agroup photo with Superego was taken to commemorate the successful cooperation in the Hi-Target Europe Product Launch Meeting.



Through this monumental meeting, Hi-Target’s GIS products has been successfully introduced to European market, so that the clients could have a clear idea of what Hi-Target’s plan and vision in 2016 for its GIS products look like, which has won the support and trust from every agent and cooperative partner.