What to Expect from Hi-target at Intergeo 2016 in Hamburg?

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In order to explore the European market and enhance the international recognition and influence of the brand, Hi-Target has attended IngerGEO exhibition every year in Germany since 2009. This year, Hi-Target will bring new surprises in this big event.



Premium Products and Sub-branches:


The key products that will be presented on display include ground scanner, mobile surveying system and its solution; meanwhile, Hi-Target self-developed RTK mainboard and antenna, as well as classic RTK receiver and total station are also to be seen. These products come main from Hi-Cloud (three dimensional laser product), Surveying Sub-Company (RTK, self-developed mainboard and antenna) and …. (mobile GIS).




For more information about InterGEO 2016, please click the link and find Hi-Target in group “H”.



Preparation Made So Far by the Team:


The Hi-Target team for InterGEO 2016 this year is bigger than before: besides the International Trade Department, superiors of the enterprise, leaders and representatives of sub-branches will also be in presence. In terms of brand promotion, online social platforms will be used to publicize Hi-Target’s performance in InterGEO, apart from improvement in design of exhibition stand. As usual, the kernel part remains products, which represent the most advanced and exclusive technological strength.


Theme & Situation of InterGEO 2016:


The Theme of InterGEO 2016 is “Knowledge and action for Planet Earth”. As the largest exhibition of geographical surveying and land management, InterGEO invites exhibiters and practitioners in the industry from all over the world to witness the future-oriented technological innovation together and take a glimpse of the evolution of smart network city. These kind of geographic information will open new territories for surveyors, becoming a catalyst for creative solutions.


Let’s expect together the sparkle between Hi-Target and InterGEO in 2016.



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