iBeam 8120 the Multi-beam Echo Sounder Application for Reservoir Measurement

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iBeam 8120 the multi-beam echo sounder and iSide 1400 the side-scan sonar system developed independently by Hi-Target Marine Information Technology Co., Ltd. made their first public demonstration for reservoir measurement.
In late July, a group of eight people took apart from Hi-Target Marine office with iBeam 8120, iSide 1400, HD-MAX, the single-beam echo sounder and other equipment to a reservoir. Due to the reservoir in the state of total disrepair, it risks a potential safety problem.

Although the measurement of reservoir storage capacity would be completed by Hi-Target marine, the local authority who has already set up to build a large information management system for reservoir.


Reservoir Location


After arriving at the scene, we separated as three groups to carry out. Group A prepared the equipment to make sure full coverage of the reservoir and ensure the measurement accuracy of the control points. Group B confirmed the final measurement plan after the field investigation which is multi-beam will be used to scan both sides of the reservoir from the center and the data of shallow water of the margin would be acquired by single beam. Group C would look for a suitable vessel for equipment. However, when everything was already a sudden heavy rain undoubtedly increased the difficulty of our surveying work. We had to find a shelter to protect the equipment from the rain. 


On the way to case site


Make prepare for surveying


Small transducer structure is easy to install


Installation has been completed


The rain stopped to let iBeam 8120, the multi-beam to do its work. iBeam 8120 provides real 130 degrees open angle, 30Hz frequency, equidistant, isometric two measurement modes with adaptions to a variety of complex terrain. We finished the test one day in advance thanks to the functionality of   the ± 10 degrees real-time rolling stability and stable display and control software, which greatly improve the operating efficiency. 


iSide 1400 in preparation


Images by iSide 1400


Although high temperature and rainfall brought difficulties in process of the project, it was still carried out in order. Following the iBeam 8120 and iSide 1400, HD-MAX was installed for the shallow water part measurement while advantages of digital signals and analog signals superimposition of HD-MAX became predominated in complicated underwater terrain.

case data analysis(efficient measurement)


Case data analysis (multiple strips are perfect spliced and water depth consistency is very good)


Case data analysis (Round trip measurement, central beam contrast)


Case data analysis (10 ° real-time roll stability)

We conducted field measurements during the day when at night, we processed collected data through the grid overlay and overlapped data. The result proved that iBeam 8120, the multi-beam meet the IHO premium standard. As a domestic underwater measurement equipment, iBeam 8120 is high-performance and outstanding. 
Accuracy statistics


Data results


he entire project was settled after a week of hard work. The head of the reservoir authority think highly of the performance of iBeam 8120 and our work.