Hi-Target Launched Hi-RTP Industrial Cooperation at the 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference in Beijing

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The 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference, one of three major international satellite navigation conferences, was held in Beijing, China on 22-25 May. With the theme of “Navigation,10 Years and Beyond”, the Conference covered academic exchanges, high-level forums, exhibitions and science popularization activities. Over 3000 workers in science and technology and professionals from all walks of life attended the Conference.
Opening Ceremony of the 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference
Launch Ceremony of Hi-Target Global Real-time Precise Point Positioning Service System (Hi-RTP) Industrial Cooperation also took place at the Conference on 22 May. Yang Changfeng, chief designer of the Beidou Navigation System, Ran Chengqi, director of the China Satellite Navigation Office, Cao Chong, chief scientist of GNSS & LBS Association of China, Liao Dinghai, Chairman and CEO of Hi-Target Group and Jerry Bao, member of Hi-Target Group Standing Committee and General Manager of Hi-Target Navigation Ltd jointly announced the launch of Hi-Target Global Real-time Precise Point Positioning Service System (Hi-RTP) Industrial Cooperation.
Jointly Announcing the Launch of Hi-RTP Industrial Cooperation
What is Hi-RTP?
Hi-Target Global Real-time Precise Point Positioning Service System (hereinafter referred to as Hi-RTP) is a global real-time precision positioning service system independently developed by Hi-Target. This system can provide high-precision positioning differential services worldwide. It consists of five parts: the ground reference station network, data processing center, the ground injection station, L-band satellites and user terminal.
Hi-RTP System Structure
What can I get from Hi-RTP?
With the characteristics of strong real-time performance, wide range and high precision, the system is free from the limitation of ground reference stations while in large-range long-distance surveying. It makes it possible for the users to use a terminal device to finish the surveying work, which will significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost.
Advantage of Hi-RTP in Distance and Accuracy
In 2015, an R&D team composed of international top scientists was established to focus on Hi-RTP project. In 2016, this project gained support from the National Remote Sensing Center of China, China National Surveying and Mapping Geoinformation Bureau and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the global reference station construction started. In 2017, receiver with Hi-RTP positioning capacity was successfully developed and the team turned on the regional service trial operation in China while in 2018 the service was expanded to Asia-Pacific region and more users were involved in this system.  
Up to now, the R&D team has built a backup and monitoring mechanism to ensure the accuracy, stability, reliability and availability of service. At the same time, Hi-RTP includes three data processing centers, each of which is independent and a backup copy of each other. Besides, a visual monitoring and early-warning system is established on the server side to detect and deal with any unusual problem in a short time.
Hi-RTP Backup & Monitoring System
As a commercial real-time precision positioning service system, Hi-RTP has been equipped with the satellite broadcasting service capability in the Asia-Pacific
(global coverage can be achieved in Internet broadcast). In the coming two years, it will gradually provide global satellite-based augmentation service for users around the world.
At present, Hi-RTP L-band Satellite has covers Asia-Pacific.
Test Results in China
A test of the Hi-RTP took place in 26 provinces of China and according to the 94 test results, the average data receiving integrity rate is over 96% and the average bit error rate is lower than 1%. Some test results are as follows.
As shown in the test results, most of the initialization process can be completed within 15-20minutes. After the initialization, the positioning accuracy (95% confidence interval) can achieve 5cm horizontally and 10cm vertically.
Hi-RTP Positioning Service Performance (China)
Test Results in Other Regions
In addition, in the regions out of the Asia-Pacific, we still gained well-performance test results with network broadcasting. We get the data from 20 stations in 26 days, and the Hi-RTP also did well:
1. Convergence time is less than 25miniutes
2. Horizontal accuracy is around 10cm.
3. Vertical accuracy is around 15cm.
Hi-RTP Positioning Service Performance (Global)
As more and more CORS are in the process of construction, Hi-RTP will perform better in the coming future when the CORS network is established and accessed.
How to use Hi-RTP?
Hi-RTP service will be integrated into many products and will be widely used in different applications, such as RTK/GIS/Agricultural/Machine control/Marine/ Pilotless automobile and so on. And Hi-RTP service will be various, including the challenging environment, like Marine/ Desert/ Snow mountain and so on.
At the Launch Ceremony, Jerry Bao stated that since 1 May 2019, the rented L-band communication satellite has been put into use and Hi-RTP has been in the stage of industrial cooperation. At this stage, Hi-RTP will be fully applied in products. At present, Hi-Target’s latest RTK product -- iRTK 5X, which is equipped with Hi-RTP, are widely used in different surveying projects in China. He also shared that the marine-oriented split RTK equipped with Hi-RTP has completed the research and development stage.
Jerry Bao is sharing Hi-RTP.
Hi-RTP and Hi-Target’s solutions attract a great number of professional users.