Hi-Target Attended Transformation from Surveying to Geomatics: Operation & Technology Roadmapping Workshop

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On 5 July 2019, Hi-Target was invited to Transformation from Surveying to Geomatics: Operation & Technology Roadmapping Workshop, which was initiated by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) in Singapore. As part of the planning process to understand the external landscape facing the land surveying industry as well as identify the responses needed to address these challenges, SISV team took this workshop as part of its strategic plan to support its objectives by attempting to bring together local surveyors from across the industry and government agencies to collectively identify, explore, select and develop shared technologies priorities and skills requirement.  
J.W. Chen, the president of Hi-Target International is sharing at the workshop.
At the workshop, J.W. Chen, the president of Hi-Target International presented what and how Hi-Target Group could assist local surveyors and companies to transform from Surveying to Geomatics to build a Smart City. He said that Hi-Target feels responsible to assist the industry to adopt and transform from traditional surveying into Geomatics of future with science & technology of Machine Control, Monitoring, Smart City Solution, GIS, so as to roadmap from 4G to 5G in Geomatics. He shared the case study of Hi-Target’s autonomous driving, supporting the organizations in Singapore. 
He appreciated the opportunity for Hi-Target to be the only invited technological company to share our knowledge and project reference. He also invited the professionals from SISV, the Land Surveyors Board (LSB), Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Housing Development Board (HDB), Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) for a visit to Hi-Target and the various research & development facilities across the globe. 
J.W. Chen stressed that Hi-Target believes you will never be a leader simply by following others, and we make a difference by actively engaging the industry in different regions and catering our engineering department to strengthen support to meet the requirements and needs of the industry through localization support and better understanding to the market.
Many professionals and experts from the industry association and the statutory boards also participated in the workshop and shared their study and knowledge. They were 
Mr. Tan Boon Khai, Chief Executive of Singapore Land Authority (SLA); 
Dr. Victor Khoo, Director, Survey & Geomatics, Singapore Land Authority (SLA); 
Mr. Chen Jian Wen, President of Hi-Target International Group Limited; 
Ms. Loh Suat Yen, Deputy Director, Housing and Development Board (HDB); 
Dr. Tan Cheng Peng, A*Star Industry Development Group; 
Dr. Ng Sum Huan Gary, A*Star Project Management/Roadmapping/Industry Analysis for Industry Development Office.
The professionals and experts are presenting their study.