Total Station: The reliable partner of surveyors

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History of the total station

Theodolite is the instrument that measure the angles helped surveyors to calculate the coordinates of the targeted points. It had been playing an important role in surveying before 1960s. Then the electronic distance measurement(EDM) unit had been commercially available and put into the theodolite, the total station was born. By targeting on the object that can reflect the signal, total station gives the accurate distance and angles(read by digital code disk technology ) and offer user the final coordinates of the targeted points on the ground with the built-in calculation programs. Thanks to the fast growing industry technology, more and more sensors, better and better hardware(CPU/RAM/ROM) had been equipped onto total station, the functionality has been extended while the efficiency has been increased as well. As an aged tool, it is still refreshing itself on the role of surveying based on the unchanged basic principles and way — measuring 2 angles(vertical and horizontal) and 1 distance.


Hi-Target Total Station

Hi-Target started to produce its own total station since 2012. Two years later the mini total station had been introduced, which make Hi-Target as one of the few manufactures can create the mini total station in the world. Now the company provides more than 5 models in global market, each of them serves with its own operating and application logic. Users who get used to other brand total station will find it easy to shift their working habbits onto Hi-Target total station



  Hi-Target HTS-420R Total Station


Nowadays, total station are becoming smarter and smarter. Not only the coordinates of the targeted points are given, by utilizing computing power and internal storage of the hardware, total station can now offer users the complicated service(programs) in the fields.


Hi-Target Total Station Application — Road

One of the service is road setting out. Hi-Target provide the desktop software for road file design including the centerline, longitudinal profile and cross-section. The files can be generated and be imported into the total station, to be applied during the road setting out.


Hi-Target Total Station Application — Volume calculation

The volume calculation is another very useful program in the fields like the mining survey or road construction.  By surveying the boundary points and the top points of the piles, the total station will offer users the volume into consideration of the project. 


Simple principle but always reliable and powerful

Apparently there are some more practical programs that total station can serve, like reference line, reference arc and COGO, etc. Total station has always been one of the best reliable partner of surveyors offering the service beyond imagination by utilizing very basic geometric data and its growing computing power. Seeing the thrilling future, Hi-Target is also on the way to offer users the workhorse with advanced  technology!