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  • 【Qstar,DialHelper】How to Access to Network via Dial-Helper?

    1.Run Dial-Helper software,import a name in EntryName and new a connection.
    2.Click “Set” button to set the parameters.If your country are available in the country list,select it and choose the telecom operator company.
    3.If your country are not listed,you can edit your own.The APN and other parameters can be available in some websites or telecom operator.
    4.Click Connect,it will prompt you Dial-up successful.

  • 【Hi-RTK】How to calculate the parameter in Hi-RTK?

    1.Open the software, click Setting. Choose or input the corresponding parameters in Ellipsoid and Projection.
    2.Click System and choose Coordinate Calculater to calculate the parameters.
    3.Click add to ioport the points, the From means the source coordinate and the "To" means the local coordinate.Import the number of points according to your convert model and click save.
    4.Chose the Convert Model and click Resolve.and apply.
    5.Then coordinates will be converted to the local coordinates automatically while do survying.

  • 【SurveCE】How to find the RSP file in SurvCE?

    1.The RSP file is saved at the SurvCE installation covered directory.
    2.Connect your handheld device to PC.
    3.Program Files->SurvCE->Data,and you can find it.

  • 【GNSS Tools】How to install GNSS Tools

    1.Download the .apk from our website ,then connect the Android (4.0 or higher) device to the computer and turn on USB storage , copy it to the device , then disconnect.
    2.Open the file manager, find the .apk and click it to install.

  • 【Getac PS236】How to set Getac PS236 input method setting

    1.Double click the XT9 program and install it on Getac.Then you will see the bottom icon when entering.
    2.if you want to enter the letters just change the entering mode to letter mode and then hide the soft keyboard by clicking bottom icon and then you can enter the letters.
    3.if you want to enter the letters just change the entering mode to letter mode and then hide the soft keyboard by clicking bottom icon and then you can enter the letters.

  • 【Hi-Net Server】How to Export data survey on SHP(use Hi-Net Server)

    1.Open Hi-Net Server:Tools->Data Export,as figure1 shows.
    2.Choose“Add”and find the data project that from Hi-Q saved.And then choose the .prj file,as figure2 and figure3 shows.
    3.Then turn to convert interface, as figure 4 shows (You can also change the save path) , click “Next”, then conversion is done(as figure 5 shows ).

  • 【SSCOM,V30】How to read IMEI number of V30?

    1.Open "SSCOM" software,choose right com port and Open port.
    2.Choose right parameter,baudrate 19200 etc.
    3.Click EXT.
    4.Click one by one to send all commands to V30.And then we get IMEI number of V30

  • 【Hi-RTK】How to import points into Hi-RTK?

    1.Prepare a *.txt file that contain the points details in a correct format.
    2.Click "Survey"and chose the point library you want.
    3.Then click the last second buttons at the bottom of interface.
    4.Make sure the points file was copied into your controller,find it out in a location/path.
    5.Choose the points file. Click OK.

  • 【PCC Radio,GM-xxPx management software】How to set PCC radio frequence?

    1.Switch on Receiver, set as UHF mode.
    2.Run “GM-xxPx management software” program, choose your COM Port and baud rate “19200” 3.Input the frequence, please click "Apply".
    4.After get all the settings done, please click "Program" ,then wait for program finished.

  • 【V30 pro】How to open the voice prompt of V30 Pro?

    1.Open Hi-RTK software, connect the GPS of V30.
    2.After connecting GPS successfully, click Information->iRTK Setting->Set Irtk.
    3.Choose the language as you want, then restart the V30, then the voice opened finished.

  • 【Hi-RTK】How to export dxf and shp file from Hi-RTK?

    1.Open the Hi-RTK software.
    2.Click"Survey"to go to the interface.
    3.Click the "DXF" at the bottom of interface.
    4.Then click "Load" to chose dxf or shp file.

  • [ZTS320R]How to update firmware for new total station

    Use Hyper Terminal for update firmware.
    1.As for total station,go to fileman,then download.
    2.Input the pin code 82543,total station will shutdown.
    3.Run the Hyper Terminal,connect to total station when prompted.
    4.Update firmware by steps.